Does Executive Turnover Affect Government Transparency?

Leadership changes and environmental information disclosure in Chinese cities

By Ting Huang, Anders R. Villadsen, and Chen Lu in Research

June 6, 2022


Research has underscored the role of executive turnover in organizational processes and outcomes. However, little research has linked turnover events to externally oriented outcomes such as government transparency. We theorize that executive changes are likely to increase transparency as new incumbents respond to demands from the public and superior government levels, but that this effect is contingent on contextual conditions. Using panel data from 113 Chinese cities, this paper explores the impact of executive turnover on government transparency in environmental information. Results show that mayoral and party secretary’s turnover positively affect government transparency. This effect is weakened by severe air pollution, which harms organizational reputation. Career incentive shows no moderating effect. Implications for research on executive turnover and government transparency are discussed.

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June 6, 2022
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