Supervision & Mentoring

By Ting Huang in Teaching

August 31, 2020

Bachelor thesis supervision

  • Sumaya Mohamed & Iqra Osman
  • Nadia Lytvynova

Internship report supervision

  • Astrid Kirk Haumann
  • Liping Hu
  • XinRan Li *
  • Cecilie Jørgensen *
  • Xuan Xu *

Master thesis supervision

  • Liping Hu *
  • Xinran Li *
  • Xuan Xu *

*Co-supervision with Anders Villadsen

Student Evaluation

“Very open and clear about the supervision process and what is to be expected, great availability and flexibility (short notice, both online and on campus), providing a lot of valuable resources (sending journal entries, referring to theories), interest in my topic”

Anonymized student

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August 31, 2020
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